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DEYA Canine Photography
Private Photo Sessions
Photo by DEYA
I will travel, at no charge to you, within one hour of Zagreb
to hold your session.
I charge for time and expenses beyond that.

I will come to your home if you have property you'd like your dog/s - cat/s photographed on, or we can meet at an outdoor location.

I photograph dogs outdoors only, in natural light.
For cats we will do it indoors.
Sessions last 1-3 hours, depending on light and on how well you have prepared everything for the photo shoot.
Instructions on how to prepare your dog/cat for a perfect portrait will be sent when your session is scheduled.
Proofs are posted to a private viewing area on my website within 3-4 weeks of your session.
To give you an idea of the results that can be achieved,
an assortment of images from previous private sessions are posted here:

Setting Up Your Session
If you have specific photo needs, such as agility shots, kennel ads, campaigning a Specials dog, or if you want me to capture your dogs/cats unique beauty in a specific way or setting, let me know this
when setting up your session.
Knowing what you are looking to achieve will help me
best prepare for you!

Photographs resulting from your private session are the property of DEYA Canine Photography. Dog & cat owners may purchase prints of resulting images, but they may NOT copy those prints and/or use them in any way other than standard decorative display (on a wall, in a frame, or in a standard photo album). The images may not be scanned into a computer, photographed, photocopied or reproduced without our copyright sign.
If you have web-site your obligation is to put our link on the visible place on your site.

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Please e-mail with any questions or special requests
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